Two months after its withdrawal, Microsoft’s SwiftKey keyboard is back in the App Store!

The little twist of the weekend, the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard from Microsoft is back in the App Store, and this two months after the announcement of the withdrawal.

the return of the keyboard that is praised by users

However, this return seems very strange and a bit rushed. Take effect, despite this surprise appearance on the shelves of the App Store, the app does not show any new features. The latest update is No. 2.9.2 which originates from 11 August 2021. But it seems that behind the scenes things are moving a bit. Actually Vishnu Nath, Microsoft’s VP and GM for OneNote and the Office product groupurged fans to stay tuned for what the team has in storewhile Pedram Rezaei, Microsoft’s CTO for maps and local services divisionsaid in turn that the company will invest a lot in the keyboard.

Apparently, users were very insistent and demanded the return of the feature en masse. In fact, last September, the Redmond company ended support for its predictive keyboard SwiftKey for iPhone with little notice, as the application was withdrawn from the Apple Store the following week. At the time, it was not the first third-party keyboard to provide this service, and have to bend out. The reasons for the abandonment of SwiftKey or even FlickType (however, the latter has been pushed out a little, but since the dispute has become treatyless) must include the fact thatApple now offers similar functionality since iOS 13 via QuickPath.

In the press release, Microsoft stated soberly: from October 5, SwiftKey iOS support will end and be removed from the App Store. Ultimately, for customers who have installed SwiftKey on iOS, it will continue to work until it is manually uninstalled or the user gets a new iPhone.

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