UK: a game show is offering to win four months of electricity bills

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In the United Kingdom, rising energy prices are such that a famous TV channel adapts its games by paying the energy bills to the winners.

While some radio stations in France have the good idea to save months’ rent, a British TV channel is inspired by the current crisis to offer… energy bills.

Among Britain’s most influential morning shows, ITV’s “This Morning” was hit hard on Monday 5 September. The wheel in the game is everything that is more classic, but the inscriptions “Energy Bills” – energy bills – between the money amounts indicate. The viewer can win up to £3,000 or the payment of their energy bills for four months. The lucky participant thus won the second opportunity, in undisguised joy: “What a relief, thank you!”

Phillip Schofield’s This Morning takes a step into the dystopian future as ‘Energy Bills Paid’ appears on the wheel of fortune. Future programs will include ‘Kidney Transplant’, ‘Chemotherapy’ and ‘Trolley Dash in Iceland.’

—Ragged Trousered Philanderer (@RaggedTP) 5 September 2022

Wheel of fortune versus misfortune

If such gains have caused some astonishment, they are hardly inappropriate in light of inflation, which is hitting the country hard. A few days ago, the energy authority announced a jump in the maximum regulated electricity prices by 80% per month per average household from October. These were due to increase further in 2023. Prime Minister Liz Truss, who has just succeeded Boris Johnson, remained unclear on this issue.

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