UK: an American accused of rape and wanted in his country betrayed by his tattoos

After several attempts to change his identity, it was finally his tattoos that made it possible to reveal him, after several years of investigation. A man facing extradition to the United States – where he is accused of rape and sexual assault – was identified by British courts on Friday as the suspect sought. Until then, the 35-year-old claimed to be the victim of mistaken identity, saying his name was Arthur Knight and that he was an orphan born in Ireland.

But it is Nicholas Rossi, an American wanted in the United States in connection with an investigation into the rape of a woman in Utah in 2008 and sexual assault, a court in Edinburgh has decided. He is suspected of faking his death over the Atlantic and fleeing to Scotland to avoid prosecution. “He’s trying to fool everyone and I’m glad so many people see through his game”the alleged victim told the BBC.


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