UK: an appeal for witnesses to identify a woman, possibly French, who died in 1975

A British organization is trying to identify a young woman who died near London in 1975. According to some elements, she could be French.

On 18 February 1975, in the early hours of the morning, a young woman, estimated to be between 17 and 25 years old, was found dead on a road in Baldock, north London. This Monday, November 7, almost fifty years later, a British organization launched an appeal for witnesses to try to find his identity. According to the latest elements, she could be French.

Since all this time, the mystery of this young woman’s death has continued. According to Locate International, the organization behind the call for witnesses, she was fatally struck by a vehicle whose driver was never found.

The victim, blonde with hazel eyes, was barefoot when discovered. She had no bag or identity papers, but was wearing an Afghan coat and jeans, the picture of which was published. Locate International adds that she had a scar on her right leg.

According to information from Metro, a witness said at the time that the young woman was on her way to London and spoke with a foreign accent. A version possibly consistent with that of David and Barbara Liversedge, which had come forward during an earlier witness call.

A student from the Paris region?

Challenged by the composite portrait of the victim shared on this occasion, they believed they had recognized a French student whom they had hosted in the early 1970s. Named Odile, the latter had met them while hitchhiking in north London.

She was from the Paris region and regularly traveled to Cornwall in the west of the country where her friends lived. This French woman had gone to study in Cambridge, a university town in eastern England, in 1973.

By publishing these items, Locate International hopes to stir up distant memories for other people who may have crossed paths with this mysterious stranger.

The organisation’s president, Dave Grimstead, says his first thoughts are “of those who miss her since her disappearance: her family, her friends, everyone she had met”. Convinced that “it’s not too late to tell them what really happened to him” he insists: “No information is too small to be shared”.

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