UK: Boris Johnson has received more than a million euros for speeches since his resignation

A few months after his resignation, Boris Johnson earns his living through paid speeches. The former British Prime Minister has thus pocketed more than one million euros since September.

Boris Johnson left Downing Street last September and did not condemn himself to austerity. According to the official register of declarations of interest for parliamentarians, which lists his financial interests as a member of the House of Commons, he has earned around €1.16 million in a few months thanks to paid speeches.

“BoJo” was especially invited to speak in front of bankers in New York, in front of insurance companies in the United States, but also during summits organized in Portugal and then in India. The register published on the website of the British Parliament indicates that the former prime minister was paid between 215,000 and 277,000 pounds (250,000 to 320,000 euros) for each of these interventions.

Boris Johnson’s new life therefore seems quite comfortable, but he seems to miss the thrill of political campaigning. Considering himself “well placed to secure a Conservative victory in 2024” at the general election, the former prime minister is not ruling out going into the fray.

He had already tried to return to power in October when his successor, Liz Truss, left after just over a month at the helm of the British executive. Conservative parliamentarians, however, preferred his former finance minister, Rishi Sunak.

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