UK: Convicted of murdering his ex, died more than 20 years after his attack

35% burnt body

The 58-year-old man was now doused with petrol and set fire to the young woman in April 1998 in a car park. Her body had been burned to 35% and she had survived thanks to several operations, including skin grafts, while retaining significant scars on her body and face.

Jacqueline Kirk finally died at the age of 61 in 2019 after being hospitalized for a swollen bowel, more than twenty years after her attack. “We were told she probably wouldn’t survive more than 10 years”, his daughter Sonna testified on Sky News. Jacqueline Kirk finally had time to see her two children grow up and get married and become a grandmother. “It was very important for all of us to have our mother at these events in our lives”his daughter testified.

This is an extraordinary case given the considerable time that elapsed between the facts and the victim’s death.

Steven Craig was re-arrested in 2021 and was jailed for life on Thursday for the murder of Jacqueline Kirk, as a jury at Bristol Crown Court ruled that the serious injuries inflicted at the time contributed to the death of the mother of the family. The large scar on Jacqueline’s chest and abdomen reduced her ability to respond as she suffered from a swollen bowel, medical experts said at the trial.

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Steven Craig has admitted responsibility for the attack, but not for his ex-girlfriend’s death. “This is an extraordinary case given the considerable amount of time that has passed” between the facts and the victim’s death, explained on Sky News Mark Almond, in charge of Avon and Somerset Police.

“It was very important for us to find the right medical experts to analyze the case and give us the evidence we needed to present the case to a jury.”he added.

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