UK, France… the digital tax brings a lot of money to the states

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More than two years after its implementation in the UK, the Gafa tax is paying off big for the government. The government will collect 360 million pounds sterling this year under this tax, which is primarily aimed at tech giants: Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

This is good news for UK public finances as the country entered recession. The tax on digital giants brought in three hundred and sixty million pounds sterling, or almost four hundred million euros.

Tax optimization

This is much more than the British tech giants pay in corporation tax. But it is little if we put this sum up against the real profits reaped by these giants of the web who practice tax optimization.

This tax, which will come into force in April 2020, aims to collect a fairer tax on the income generated by the digital giants. It represents 2% of their turnover in UK territory.

In France, 3% of turnover

In comparison, the French Gafa tax is faring much better at 3% of their turnover. In 2023, the Gafa tax should bring in 670 million euros for France.

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