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UK: Liz Truss weakened, some believe in Boris Johnson’s return

  • 1 Boris Johnson’s return to grace?

  • This is a scenario that has been circulating in the conservative press since last summer: Like a phoenix, “BoJo” would make a comeback and impose himself as an obvious way out. On the heels of the 2019 election triumph, which gave the Conservatives an unprecedented majority since Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, the hero of Brexit is nevertheless hampered by big balls. His departure forced by a series of scandals, including the parties in Downing Street in breach of anti-covid restrictions, is not so far away and gives him part of the responsibility in the current debacle.

    And as he embraces a lucrative activity speaking around the world, it remains to be seen whether Johnson, 58, would be ready to take control of the party, two years before the general election, in which opinion polls promise a landslide victory for Labor opposition .

  • 2 Rishi Sunak’s Revenge?

  • Beaten by Liz Truss, in the final stages of the process of appointing the leader of the Conservative Party, last summer, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer was nevertheless the preferred candidate of the Conservative MPs. The wealthy 42-year-old ex-banker has to him the fact of embodying the reassuring figure of budget orthodoxy. During the campaign, he repeatedly argued that unfunded tax cuts risked pushing inflation to a decade high and undermining market confidence. The facts have proven him right, but he has a major handicap: many of those loyal to Boris Johnson see him as a traitor, whose resignation at the beginning of the summer hastened the fall of the former Downing Street tenant .

  • 3 The rise of Jeremy Hunt?

  • Chancellor of the Exchequer since Friday The new Chancellor of the Exchequer looks set to hold the reins as Liz Truss is weakened. It was he who announced the spectacular turnaround on Monday, which consisted of reversing almost all the fiscal measures of the Truss government, which caused panic in the markets. The 55-year-old former foreign secretary, experienced but seen as uncharismatic, nevertheless assured the BBC at the weekend that after two failures, in 2019 and then this summer, he did not want to launch a race for power.

  • 4 A Perry Mordaunt-Rishi Sunak Ticket?

  • She is also a candidate against Liz Truss to succeed Boris Johnson, Perry Mordaunt, the minister responsible for relations with the parliament, was the darling of the conservative activists at the start of the campaign. Charismatic, the 49-year-old former defense secretary excelled in parliament on Monday, where she stood in for Liz Truss in front of the opposition, confidently defending the announced turnaround, explaining that the prime minister is “not hiding under a desk. The hypothesis of a Mordaunt-Sunak ticket has even recently surfaced, with the Times citing discussions on the topic on Tuesday.

  • 5 Ben Wallace Time?

  • Among the favorites in the last campaign for the leader of the Conservative Party, the defense secretary, who had chosen not to launch to devote himself to the security of the United Kingdom, has seen his name re-emerge as a possible figure in recent days. unity for the party. However, Ben Wallace, 52, appeared to rule out that scenario, assuring the Times on Tuesday that he remains in defence.



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