UK: Man arrested for throwing eggs at King Charles III

A man has been arrested in York, northern England, after throwing eggs at King Charles III.

King Charles III and his wife, Camilla, were traveling in York in the north of England when they were struck by egg rays on Wednesday 9 November. The projectiles missed their targets, but the launcher was arrested on “suspicion of breach of public order”.

Before being led away, the 23-year-old allegedly shouted “This country was built with the blood of slaves”. He has been identified by British media as a former Green Party candidate and activist in the environmental group Extinction Rebellion.

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September, criticism of Britain’s imperialist, slave-owning and colonialist past has intensified. On Tuesday, King Charles III was questioned about it in Leeds.

According to Fiona Compton, an artist and historian from Saint Lucia interviewed by the Dailymail, he argued that the country’s role in the slave trade “should not be hidden”. He “said he was ready to talk” about the past of slavery, she continued, “he agreed that it is about the history of the United Kingdom”.

The issue of Britain’s imperial past had also drawn criticism from Prince William and his wife Kate during their tour of the Caribbean last March. The Duke of Cornwall had been called upon to apologize on behalf of the British Crown for the slave trade it maintained within its former dominions.

In April, Prince Edward, brother of King Charles III, decided to cancel his visit to Granada after facing similar criticism. This Caribbean country was then crisscrossed by pro-republican demonstrations.

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