UK: Meteorological services predict severe flooding until February 2023

Having already battled major flooding in February last year, the UK could see a similar episode in the autumn and until February 2023, according to UK Met Services. An awareness campaign was launched on Monday.

In the UK, and specifically in England, two-thirds of people at risk of flooding are unaware of the threat to them, according to official figures.

The country’s meteorological reference body, the Met Office, has already predicted heavy flooding, possibly devastating, which could occur until February 2023.

“The risk of unstable weather conditions increases as we move towards 2023,” confirmed Will Lang, one of the officials at the Met Office, to The Guardian. The latter added that “the greatest risk of flooding will come again in February, as was the case last winter”.

To warn the public, the British government therefore launched an extensive information campaign on Monday.

After detailing the good reflectors to be put to use in case of flooding, the state also recalls in its notice that the average cost of a flooded household is £30,000, or almost 34,500 euros.

Although England is used to these climatic phenomena, England has seen its situation worsen with global warming. “Since 1998, England has had six of the wettest 10 years on record and this year saw three named storms in one week for the first time,” said Caroline Douglass, the executive director of floods at the country’s Environment Agency.

Like last year, the La Niña weather phenomenon that resulted in cooler temperatures in the Pacific Ocean was highlighted by specialists.

The drought that has hit the country all year shouldn’t fix potential flooding either, far from it. Dry soil is actually less able to absorb heavy downpours and therefore filter out a potentially spectacular increase in rainfall.

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