UK PM-designate Rishi Sunak vows to fix Liz Truss’ ‘mistakes’

The British Prime Minister does not promise a bright future, as the country is plunged into crisis.

Correspondent in London

Rishi Sunak did not do it in the wooden language. No sooner was he on the throne than he promised to repair ” error committed by Liz Truss, forced to resign after the financial storm caused by her economic programme. Certainly, the one who will be the third head of government of the year, paid tribute “noble goals” Truss growth stimulus. But to better emphasize his incompetence and the damage caused by his six-week stay in Downing Street.

In the morning, Rishi Sunak had been received at Buckingham by King Charles III, for the traditional “kiss of the hand”. The sovereign, who asked him to form a government, had earlier accepted the resignation of Liz Truss. The latter left Downing Street and sent his wishes for success to his successor, “for the good of the country “. She also tried to justify her audacity – misunderstood by the markets – by quoting Seneca: “It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. Almost Johnson in the text.

peace sign

Boris Johnson was explicitly present in Rishi Sunak’s first statement. The new prime minister paid tribute to him, with whom he has been at odds since the “coup” last summer. He praised hisamazing performances ” as well as his “warmth and generosity of spirit “. Right after the peace sign, Johnson congratulated Sunak with“historic day and assured him of his support. But twenty-four hours after other former Conservative prime ministers … While delivering a message “of hope Rishi Sunak did not promise a brighter future. In any case, the speech would be unheard of as the country sinks into a serious economic and social crisis, with inflation galloping above 10%. The former finance minister thus warned that he should take “difficult decisions “while maintaining”don’t be scared”according to the size of the task. Its priorities will be to restoreeconomic stability and confidence“. Attempting to make people forget the party’s failings and restore the Conservatives’ crippled economic credibility.

Rishi Sunak has to play a balancing act, stand out from the Johnson era without denying it. Regarding the form of government, the former chancellor hinted to “BoJo” that he would act contrary to the latter’s disheveled style and promised a government “honest, professional and responsible at all levels“.

On the other hand, Sunak has promised to remain faithful to the commitments of the conservative program for 2019. program or membership vote. Labor is calling for an early election. According to an Ipsos poll published on Monday, 62% of voters would also like such a vote. Sunak thus undertakes to fly the NHS (public health service) to help), to make city streets safer, to stand up for the school and the environment. He will also take over the “Leveling Up” project. This upgrade of long marginalized areas of England – which did not appear to be a priority for Liz Truss – will be at the center of a ministry led by party heavyweight Michael Gove.

The new prime minister began forming his government on Tuesday afternoon. As expected, Jeremy Hunt – the Chancellor of the Exchequer hastily appointed by Truss after his downfall and the departure of Kwasi Kwarten – has been confirmed. After his appointment, Hunt reversed almost all of the tax cuts announced by Truss. Dominic Raab will become justice minister and deputy prime minister, roles he held under Boris Johnson before Liz Truss sacked him. He was the one who had acted in power when “BoJo” was admitted to intensive care after contracting Covid. The staunch Brexiter is being rewarded for backing Sunak this summer and has urged Johnson not to attempt a comeback.

Insure the markets

Speakers from previous governments, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Brandon Lewis, are thanked. On the other hand, Sunak surprised by bringing Suella Braveman, placed far to the right of the party and controversial, back to the interior. She had resigned a week ago, hastening the end of Liz Truss. We expected Penny Mordaunt, an unfortunate rival in the last competition, to Foreign Affairs. Finally, she remains the minister responsible for relations with parliament. Three other ministers have been confirmed in their posts, James Cleverly in the Foreign Office, Ben Wallace in Defense and Kemi Badenoch in Commerce. And Nadhim Zahawi is placed as chairman of the party.

For Sunak, the first big meeting will be next Monday with the publication of a new budget plan, which should aim to calm the markets by demonstrating that the debt is under control. At the same time as we ensure that we want to act with “compassionas millions of Britons suffer from the cost of living crisis, the new Prime Minister is unwilling to “let future generations pay a debt we are too weak to pay ourselves“. He will have to try to unify the party around measures that are not to the taste of all his clans. As Jeremy Hunt expressed on Twitter after his confirmation, “it will not be easy»…

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