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UK questions net neutrality

For Ofcom, putting net neutrality back on the books will allow operators to offer more or less expensive packages, depending on the level of debit the user is willing to pay. 52120546/mindscanner –

The telecommunications regulator wants to revise the current rules to reconsider the contribution of the American network giants to the financing of infrastructures. Several countries face this problem.

The equation can be summed up in a few numbers. On the one hand, more than half of global internet traffic is generated by video content from a handful of Silicon Valley companies: Netflix, Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. On the other hand, 50 billion euros are spent every year in Europe to build and maintain the necessary infrastructure to route this traffic via fiber and mobile networks, according to the association of the largest European telecommunications operators (Etno). A financial burden that these telecom operators no longer want to shoulder alone, further burdened by the explosion in the prices of energy and materials. “We believe that the largest traffic producers should make a fair contribution to the significant costs they currently impose on European networks“Said in September the bosses of the 16 largest European telecoms operators, including Orange, BT, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom.

Bringing up this sensitive subject…

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