UK: she’s fighting for more glasses emojis

For several years, a British schoolgirl has been fighting for children who wear glasses to no longer be stigmatized. Thus, she is fighting to create more “cool” emojis and with glasses to better represent the people who wear them.

She’s only 13 years old, and yet Lowri Moore is waging a long-term battle. This British schoolgirl is fighting to reduce stereotypes about people who wear glasses. She therefore wants an option to add glasses on the smartphone to the already existing emojis.

The teenager’s battle began in 2019 when she wrote a letter to entertainment giant Disney asking it to feature more characters with glasses in its films.

Two years later, the heroine of the film “Encanto” Mirabel Madrigal appeared on the screens wearing glasses. Its director, Jared Bush, admitted to being inspired by the letter from the British schoolgirl.

Lowri Moore’s #GlassesOn campaign, meanwhile, has been a hit with thousands of young people and parents around the world.

Convincing the Unicode Consortium

Today, the aim of the young Briton is to convince another American giant: the organization responsible for creating emojis. To do this, Lowri Moore contacted the Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organization based in California, to create an option to add glasses to emojis in its catalog.

According to several studies, children who wear glasses have a 35% greater risk of being bullied at school. However, not wearing glasses when necessary can have harmful consequences for well-being and health.

“You can’t learn properly, and that will limit your opportunities, and you will probably have a lot of difficulty in life because you haven’t used your glasses. It’s not fair,” says the teenager indignantly.

For his work, Lowri Moore was this year chosen as “Activist of the Year” by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB).

Currently, the only emojis with glasses are grandparents or a teacher, which is therefore not very representative of a child with glasses.

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