UK: strikes and demonstrations against rising prices

In London, hundreds of people gathered on Saturday to protest against the price increase, which is weighing on purchasing power.

With a inflation close to 10% and energy prices doubling in a year, many UK households are wondering if they will be able to pay their bills this winter.

In the view of the protesters, the new government led by Liz Trussaccused of favoring the wealthiest households by announcing tax cuts.

According to a recent opinion poll, 51% of those questioned want the departure of the prime minister, who has been in office for barely a month.

To counter inflation and prevent recession, his government, in addition to tax cuts, has announced massive support for energy bills.

These very costly measures sent the British pound plunging as financial markets feared a fall in government debt. Friday, Standard and Poor’s rating agency downgraded its forecast from “stable to “negative” the outlook for UK debt to maintain its “AA” rating.

In this very tense social climate it is rail traffic was greatly disrupted this Saturday due to a strike called by the four transport unions. More train and underground strikes in London are planned for next week.


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