UK warns of ‘enormous threat’ from China’s technological dominance

The head of the British intelligence and security agency GCHQ will warn Western countries on Tuesday, October 11 “major threat” of China, which seeks to use its technological dominance for surveillance purposes, and urges them to act quickly.

Speaking to defense experts, Jeremy Fleming, director of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHG), will say that the Chinese authorities are seeking to “to profit from” of their technologies, such as their satellite systems and their virtual currencies. What, according to him, represents “a huge threat to us all”.

Jeremy Fleming, head of the intelligence service since 2017, is to urge Britain and its allies to respond quickly to these threats, according to a press release from the agency published on Monday evening.

“Digital Yuan”

“At GCHQ it is our privilege and also our duty to see the defining moments when history changes without us realizing it. This feels like one of those times.”he explains.

“Our advantage in our future technology strategy is based on what we decide to do now as a community. I am confident that together we can turn this moment to our advantage.” emphasizes Jeremy Fleming.

His intervention comes at a time when China is looking to launch its digital currency, the “digital yuan”, raising concerns among specialists who believe authoritarian regimes could use the technology for surveillance and control purposes.

Beidou, competitor to the American GPS

Such a currency could “to allow China to partially free itself from the kind of international sanctions currently in place against the Putin regime in Russia”, according to Jeremy Fleming.

Also in 2020, China completed Beidou, its satellite navigation system, a competitor to the US GPS. “Many believe that China is building a strong anti-satellite capability with the aim of preventing other nations from accessing space in the event of a conflict, according to Jeremy Fleming. And there are fears that the technology could be used to “track” individuals. ยป


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