UK: who is Rishi Sunak, the 3rd PM in less than 2 months? – Daily

Since October 24, Rishi Sunak has become the new British Prime Minister. He succeeds Boris Johnson and Liz Truss. He is the third to hold this position in less than two months. At the age of 42, he made British political history by becoming the youngest Prime Minister since William Pitt Le Jeune 200 years ago. He came from a family of Indian origin and experienced a very rapid political rise. Elected to the Folketing in 2015, he became Minister of Economy in February 2020. He used his origins and his background as real political arguments during his election campaign. During the Covid pandemic, he even improvised as a server to encourage Brits to return to the restaurant. Nevertheless, some observers doubt its ability to overcome the economic crisis that the country is going through. Their main argument? Rishi Sunak’s wealth: this former banker owes much of his fortune to his wife, the daughter of a wealthy Indian businessman. Their fortune is twice that of King Charles III. Barely came to power, a case that is already disturbing the new prime minister: that of Suella Braverman, former home secretary under Liz Truss’s government. After resigning from her position for using her personal email address to send confidential data, she was reinstated in her position by Rishi Sunka. A decision very badly received by the press, who did not hesitate to describe Suella Braverman as “provocative, irresponsible and incompetent”. But Rishi Sunak’s main problem is the same as Liz Truss: the lack of legitimacy. In fact, none of them were elected by the people because they were elected by the members of their party. However, 62% of Britons are in favor of new elections before the end of the year.


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