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Ukrainians trained in Britain before joining the battlefield

Pre-War Training… Before joining the battlefield, Ukrainian recruits are currently undergoing military training in the United Kingdom.

More skills

Similar training camps will be organized in European Union countries following the agreement reached by the 27 to train 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers. Britain led the way.

This Ukrainian soldier is satisfied with the acquisition of several skills: “I had tactical training, field medical training, first aid training. I also have psychological training to be able to return to the battlefield. I got that here from my British and Ukrainian instructors.”

“Defensive operations are one aspect of readiness. But given the successes of the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the east, we have changed the nature of the training to be more offensive. So these soldiers are ready to contribute to the counteroffensive, points out Lieutenant Colonel Kempley Buchan-Smith of the British Army.

In Russia, truncated preparations

While the Ukrainians are training abroad, the Russian conscripts are preparing in their country.

But many testimonies on social networks report a lack of equipment, outdated weapons and hasty preparations, some claiming to have been sent to the front after a few days without training.

Russian authorities have confirmed that five soldiers recently drafted to fight in Ukraine have been killed.




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