Unemployment insurance: 60% of French people support the reform project, according to a poll – 08/08/2022 at 14:24


The majority of French people support the government’s unemployment insurance reform project, according to an Elabe poll for Les Echos, Radio Classique and the Institut Montaigne published on Sunday 7 August.

Parliament will resume its work in session in October, with divisive texts on the program. In opening, the deputies must seize as of the week of October 3 of a

text on unemployment insurance

extending the rules in force, which have been stricter since 2021, to access compensation.

“When things are going well, we tighten the rules and, when things are going badly,

we soften them”,

claimed the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt. He explained that he then wanted a

“consultation” with unions and employers.

“Tracks can be opened, on the duration of compensation and its decreasing nature,” he said.

The debates promise to be agitated in the hemicycle with the left-wing coalition Nupes and the RN.

Towards a Canadian model?

According to an Elabe poll for

Les Echos, classic radio

and the Montaigne Institute published on Sunday August 7, the French are

a majority to support

government reform plan. “60% of French people say they are ‘favorable’ to the changes envisaged”, write

The echoes,

specifying that “11% of them say they are ‘very’ and 49% ‘rather'”.

53% support the idea of

draw inspiration from the Canadian model,

which provides that the conditions of access to unemployment insurance and the duration of compensation

automatically vary according to the regional unemployment rate –

a model mentioned by Olivier Dussopt.

A campaign promise from Emmanuel Macron

The most favorable to the reform of unemployment insurance are on the side of the voters of Emmanuel Macron, Eric Zemmour, and

of the wealthiest households.

53% believe that unemployment insurance works “well”, twelve points more than four years ago.

The main reason for the level of unemployment in France is linked, for 45% of French people, to

compensation system that does not encourage people to return to work.

For 16% of them, it is primarily because of salaries that are too low, or even the burdens that weigh on companies, for 15% of respondents. For 14% of French people, training unsuited to the current labor market is the main reason for the unemployment rate, while for 9% of them, it is simply due to companies that do not hire enough.

During his campaign for a second term, Emmanuel Macron committed to a new unemployment insurance reform, with the idea that it would be

“More Strict

when too many jobs are unfilled,

more generous

when unemployment is high.


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