Unemployment insurance: why don’t at least 25% of eligible employees use it?

In the first case, doubts as to eligibility can be put forward: believing that he does not meet the criteria, the employee does not ask to receive unemployment when he could. In the second, it may be a cost/benefit trade-off that the employee considers unfavorable, is explained in the report. The “fear of stigma”, them “administrative procedures” and the “controls” would be brakes in particular.

However, three specificities are pointed out: employees on temporary contracts (temporary and fixed-term contracts) use “significantly less” to unemployment insurance than those at the end of their permanent contracts. Non-Applicants also worked for a shorter period of time than Appellants, their potential rights therefore being “weaker”. Finally, non-users find a job more quickly than users.

The study, released by The echoes, runs from November 2018 to October 2019, i.e. before the Covid-19 health crisis and the latest unemployment insurance reform. The authors note that they faced several difficulties, including the fact that the administrative data “do not make it possible to observe the condition of effective job search” or that“about a third of people with an end of contract” are already covered by unemployment insurance due to their previous contracts.


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