United Kingdom. After throwing eggs at Charles III, he is forbidden to wear any in public

Karl III and his wife Camilla were out on the street of York on Wednesday in northern England. As they shook hands, cheered by the British who had come to greet them, a young environmentalist had launched several egg towards Charles, narrowly missing him.

At the time of the incident, this student had expressed his anti-monarchist views and shouted that Britain “was built with the blood of slaves”. Patrick Thelwell, 23, was arrested shortly after and was released on Thursday on conditions: that he no longer approach the king and that he no longer transport egg publicly, he explained to Mirror (link in English). Fortunately, he can still buy egg when he goes shopping, he saw fit to specify to the paper.

The activist has received death threats

Patrick Thelwell is a former candidate for the Green Party and also an activist in the environmental group Extinction Rebellion. According to him, the spectators who came to cheer the king were furious with him and “screamed with rage”. “People pulled my hair, they spat on me,” he told the Mirror, claiming to have received death threats.

Charles III, 73, who will be crowned in May eight months after taking the throne, is less popular than his late mother, who was adored by Britons throughout her 70-year reign. However, he has experienced a resurgence in popularity since becoming king.

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