United Kingdom associated with a military cooperation project

The European Union (EU) invited the United Kingdom on Tuesday 15 November to participate in a military mobility project considered essential to improve the capacity of the EU and NATO to respond to crises, the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell announced. The 27 formally invited him on Tuesday to participate in this project, insisting “significant added valueBrought by Britain, Josep Borrell said in a press release.

The decision was made during a meeting between the EU’s defense ministers in Brussels, where NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg participated. Military mobility is an important aspect of the cooperation between the EU and NATO, stressed Jens Stoltenberg. 21 of the 30 alliance countries are members of the EU.

Ensuring the rapid movement and safe transport of armed forces is key to improving the EU’s and NATO’s ability to respond to crises, especially now that we are providing military assistance to Ukraine.explained Josep Borrell. “Russia’s war against Ukraine has once again demonstrated that the ability to move troops and military equipment rapidly across Europe and beyond is essential to our security.“, he insisted.

The US, Canada and Norway had joined the European cooperation in 2021. It simplifies and standardises national procedures for cross-border military transport, thus enabling rapid movement of military personnel and resources across the EU by road. , rail, sea or air.

Troop mobility is part of the commitment made by NATO members to deploy 30 mechanized battalions, 30 squadrons and 30 warships within 30 days by 2030 to face a military operation by Russia, identified as a potential aggressor .

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