United Kingdom to relax regulations on the carriage of liquids in cabins

that London Government announced on Thursday its intention toeasily in June 2024 restrictions on transport of liquids in hand luggage.

Passengers departing from UK airports will be able to take them in the cabin 2 liter containers for liquidscompared to 100ml currently, and will no longer have to take their electronic devices out of their bags during security checks, the UK Department for Transport said in a press release, which hopes to reduce waiting times and improve security with new imaging technologies.

Relaxation of hand baggage screening is permitted by ” install new technology at most UK airports “, new scanners using new 3D imaging techniques, the British ministry explained. These control units are currently being tested at Terminal 3 of London-Heathrow Airport. “By 2024, major UK airports will have the latest security technologies, reducing time spent in queues, improving the passenger experience and most importantly detecting potential threats”added British Transport Secretary Mark Harper.

The current regulations limiting containers to 100 ml were adopted in the early 2000s to prevent the use of liquid explosives in aircraft. On December 22, 2001, Richard Reid, a Briton, had attempted, before being subdued, to detonate in-flight an American Airlines Boeing 767 connecting Paris to Miami by setting fire to a homemade explosive hidden in the sole of his shoe.


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