Unprecedented strike voted at UK Amazon warehouse, GMB union announces

The union calls on the American company to “improve wages and working conditions for workers”.

Several hundred workers at an Amazon warehouse in the United Kingdom voted for an unprecedented strike for the US giant in the United Kingdom, according to the GMB union, on Friday to obtain pay “decent”. The fact that these employees are “Forced to strike for decent wages from one of the biggest companies in the world should be a shame on Amazon”judged a spokeswoman for the GMB.

She calls Amazon “walk around the table with the GMB to improve wages and working conditions for workersThe union adds that the strike at the warehouse in Coventry, near Birmingham, in central England, would be in early 2023 if no agreement is reached.

At the same time, Rolls-Royce employees received a pay rise “record” up 17.6% and gave up a potential walkout, according to the Union. The United Kingdom is the subject of an intense wave of strikes affecting many sectors of the economy in the face of inflation of almost 11%, the highest in 40 years.


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