Vega-C rocket launch, SpaceX thruster on fire, vegan Halloween burger… Top 3 videos of the week

Successful launch of Vega-C, the small European rocket

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The new rocket built by the Italian group Avio has succeeded in its first mission by putting the scientific satellite LARES-2 into orbit after a flight of more than two hours. Its order book calls for 15 launches to be completed by 2025.

SpaceX Starship thruster catches fire during test in Texas

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A thruster developed by SpaceX for its next-generation Starship spacecraft caught fire during a ground test in Texas.

[L’industrie c’est fou] This vegan burger reproduces the taste of human flesh

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Specializing in plant-based meat substitutes, Swedish brand Oumph! made a soy steak that was supposed to replicate the taste of human flesh. This limited edition was launched for Halloween and aimed to demonstrate the quality of plant-based alternatives.

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