Vera LY Adomako-Nyantakyi, insurance expert: “We need to get companies to put the well-being of employees first”

For Vera LY Adomako-Nyantakyi, life insurance plays an important role in employee well-being. (Dr.)

Vera LY Adomako-Nyantakyi is Director in charge of Individual Life Insurance, Business and Strategy for Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Togo, at Prudential Beneficial. In this exchange, she emphasizes the need for companies in different sectors to prioritize the well-being of employees by providing them with insurance policies.

What are the reasons for the creation of the PruCorporate Summit?

Total employee well-being is a key element of the human capital strategy. As a company whose goal is to get people to get the most out of life, we believe that a conversation about employee well-being is one way to get companies to put this well-being in the foreground. There is no doubt that life insurance plays an important role in the well-being of employees. The objective of the Summit is therefore, above all, to raise awareness of the well-being of employees and to show the role of insurance actors in meeting the current and future needs of employees in Côte d’Ivoire. Products such as group policies, group retirement products that allow employees to protect their future, etc. are just examples of how insurance is an initiative for the well-being of employees.

What is your vision of insurance in Africa? In Ivory Coast ?

As I’ve said before, our vision is to help people get the most out of life by making health care affordable and accessible to everyone, protecting wealth, and helping to grow their assets as well as their lives. saving for their goals. In Asia and Africa, we have provided financial security to more than 19 million customers for nearly 100 years. With Africa’s insurance penetration rate being only around 2.7%, we continue to provide affordable life insurance products to over 1.2 million Africans in the eight markets where we operate. present. In the years to come, through more innovative yet affordable products and our corporate social responsibility activities, we will continue to play an important role in ensuring that Ivorians enjoy financial security and are helped to the most of their life.

Why are you betting on Human Resources?

Human Resources (HR) plays a central role in the total well-being of employees and over the years we have seen the evolution of the role of HR from an administrative role to a strategic role in ensuring the well-being -To be total employees. The role of HR is no longer just about recruiting and compensating employees. Today, top companies care about total employee well-being, both on and off the job. Because human capital is the fundamental asset of any company. There are several initiatives aimed at improving employee well-being. But one of the most effective initiatives that hasn’t received much attention is life insurance…and I’m not talking about health insurance…which is quite popular, but how many companies really know how life insurance can ensure high productivity and help achieve business goals? I’m going to give you an example. Imagine a company that has a sick employee who will need to be off work for 3-6 months, the challenge HR faces is how to empathize with the sick employee while still keeping them on the list of employees. At the same time, the work must be done. One thing a life insurance policy can do, and we provide coverage that guarantees the hiring of interim staff to do the job until the employee recovers.

What are the themes that will be discussed by the panelists?

We have chosen to look at insurance as an HR initiative to achieve business goals and objectives. That being said, we will also examine the current and future regulatory environment and innovations in the field of insurance to ensure that customer needs are met and treated fairly. In some countries like Nigeria, Malawi and Kenya, the insurance regulator has made group life insurance compulsory for all employers, which shows the importance of life insurance for the well-being be employees. The good news is that insurance brokers help ensure companies get valuable products at the best price and that’s why we’ll also discuss the role of insurance brokers and how they can help managers. Rh to get the most out of insurance solutions.

What are the professionals who will take part, in addition to HR managers and insurance brokers?

The PruCorporate Summit brings together seasoned experts, government officials, members of the insurance regulator, members of insurance broker associations, and more. The goal is to provide a platform for a holistic approach to discussing employee wellbeing with insurance as the catalyst. We have key experts such as Mr. Claude Adigbonon, Director of Human Resources and Logistics at Orange Bank, Mr. Bah Kouakou, Insurance Controller at the Directorate General of Insurance of Côte d’Ivoire.


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