Verallia announces the acquisition of Allied Glass in the UK

Verallia, Europe’s leading and world’s third largest manufacturer of glass packaging for drinks and food, has signed a definitive agreement with a subsidiary of Sun European Partners LLP for the acquisition of Allied Glass, a leader in the premium glass packaging segment in the UK, specializing in the spirits market.
With over 150 years of expertise in the glass industry, both groups share the same core values ​​– including customer focus and teamwork – that drive and guide their businesses.

With this acquisition, Verallia intends to benefit from Allied Glass’ expertise in the production of premium glass bottles, particularly in the Scotch Whiskey and Gin sector, and capitalize on its established position in the UK market.
This transaction will allow Allied Glass to integrate an international group, the European leader in glass packaging for the beverage and food sector, and to leverage its expertise and long-term vision.

Allied Glass, market leader in premium glass

Based in Leeds, Allied Glass is a leading player in the premium glass packaging market in the UK, generating more than 95% of its turnover thanks to four furnaces located in West Yorkshire and over 600 employees.

Taking advantage of advanced extra white, exclusive color and decoration technologies, Allied Glass designs, develops and manufactures glass packaging with special attention to sustainability issues by implementing a CSR policy accompanied by well-defined objectives in all areas and by using cullet as the main material in all its products.

Allied Glass maintains privileged relationships with a diversified clientele consisting of well-known, traditional and emerging brands, in a partnership approach focused on new product development. Allied Glass is led by an experienced management team that has been able to increase the profitability of its business over the past few years.

Allied Glass had a turnover of £138m in the financial year ending December 2021 and that figure was forecast to exceed £150m by 2022.
This acquisition will have an increased impact on Verallia’s adjusted EBITDA margin thanks to the excellent performance of Allied Glass and the significant potential for synergies between the two operations.

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