Victory, the Bounty has been removed from Celebrations boxes (in England)

A few weeks ago, we had fun classifying (objectively) the candies found in the boxes of Celebrations. The Bounty was logically finished last. That day, shortly after the publication of our article, we realized how this cursed confection could be divisive and gather as many detractors… as worshippers.

These worshipers have actually recently made their voices heard after the group Mars very officially announced that Bounty would be removed from certain boxes of celebrations in the United Kingdom. A thinly veiled insult that was nevertheless based on very scientific data. A recent statistical survey from March found that 39% of Britons would have no problem with said chocolate being completely banned from Celebrations boxes.

Even worse, a quarter of the 2,000 18-65 year olds surveyed said Bounty was their least favorite chocolate at Celebrations, and 28% said coconut “has nothing to do with chocolate”. Furthermore, 18% of respondents said they would feel “annoyed” if they opened a box of Celebrations to find only Bounty.

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“Last year we allowed customers to return their unwanted Bounty chocolates. Now, by public demand, we’re trying to take them out of the box entirely, said one of the group’s spokespersons. We never realize what we have until we no longer have them! And for the loyal (and secret) Bounty lovers, there’s still a chance they’ll come back after this limited edition.”

So the Mars group took matters into their own hands and decided to launch a limited edition Celebrations box titled “No Bounty”, where the presence of Snickers, Mars, Milkyway or Maltesers would be enhanced to compensate for the absence of the cursed chocolate. A piece of news that caused quite a stir among our British neighbors and huge, cleverly calculated media fallout.

In addition to the few personalities who spoke out to question this arbitrary and unjustified decision, a #SaveBounty hashtag also rocked Twitter for a few days. Many netizens felt that this was “worst idea since Brexit”more or less ironically accuses the group of “kill christmas”. “Remember this: the history books will not be kind to the vile anti-coco lobby that removed Bounty from the festivities. It’s a dark day,” commented journalist Shaun Kitchener.

However, as mentioned above, the traditional Celebrations box should continue to offer Bounty outside the UK. Well, at least for now…

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