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VIDEO. Great Britain: Charles III and Camilla hit by egg throwing

The scene takes place in seconds, but it puts the king’s security service on edge. When King Charles III and his wife Camilla shook hands in the city of York in northeastern England, several eggs passed overhead. In addition to this attempt at a royal omelette, the protester shouts that the country was built “on the blood of slavery”. The attacker was arrested by British police immediately after throwing eggs at King Charles III.

If the couple appears to be retaining their slime, the police intervene in seconds. The spoil sport is shut down by several police officers. The public, shocked by this majestic crime, supports its king, who utters sonorous “Shame on you” and the traditional “God save the king”.

Charles, 73, and Camilla, 75, are traveling to the north of England to unveil a new statue of Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday, the first since the monarch’s death in September. Charles III, who will be crowned in May eight months after taking the throne, is much less popular than his late mother, who was adored by Britons throughout her 70-year reign.

After the death of Elizabeth II, however, he registered a surge in popularity, but he is still less esteemed than his son William and his wife, Kate.



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