VIDEO. In the UK, “Prime”, the new drink driving Brits crazy?

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Photos of Britons, who for a few days have rushed to the shelves of supermarkets selling the new drink, are multiplying on social networks.

Promoted by two famous YouTubers in the world, Logan Paul (23.6 million subscribers) and KSI (16.1 million subscribers), would “Prime” drive its customers crazy in the UK? Described as hydrating, ideal for athletes, even energizing, the drink certainly turns heads every time it hits the shelves.

As a few days ago, the Aldi store chain put a few hundred bottles on sale per And as in France with the commercial operation of brands like Nutella or sometimes at Lidl, this “event” caused many crushes in front of the stalls. Scenes circulated widely on social networks.

Faced with this enthusiasm, most stores have introduced a purchase limit of three bottles per person. customer to avoid injustice. But the madness is such that some do not hesitate to film supermarket employees “cheating” by buying more bottles before the doors open. An application specifically created to help customers find stores that still stock “Prime” bottles has even been launched.

The brand, which also partially sells its bottles through its official website, offers itself advantageous advertising thanks to its customers. She announced that her products would also be marketed in other European countries in the coming months.

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