“We were fired for criticizing him”

Eight SpaceX employees are suing Elon Musk for allegedly being fired for circulating an open letter criticizing him for his tweets.

“Elon’s behavior in public is a frequent source of distraction and embarrassment for us. Each of his tweets is a de facto public statement from the company. Its messages do not reflect our work, our mission or our values. These sentences are just a snippet of that letter published last June by some employees of SpaceX, the company that now regularly brings astronauts to the International Space Station. This Elon we’re talking about is apparently its founder, Elon Musk. And the employees who wrote these words , no longer works for SpaceX.

Eight SpaceX employees are suing Elon Musk after he was fired, Reuters news agency reported. According to them, the reason for the dismissal was precisely the open letter published in June, in which the behavior of the entrepreneur was criticized. Also according to Reuters, five employees were fired immediately after the letter was released, while four others were fired in the following months. However, one of the terminated employees allegedly chose not to sue. At this time, SpaceX declined to comment on the matter.

SpaceX’s response to the letter

SpaceX immediately took a very strong stand against the employees who had helped draft the letter. President Gwynne Shotwell responded with a statement criticizing the entire structure of the allegations: “The letter and subsequent calls have caused difficulties for other employees who have felt harassed and intimidated because someone pressured them to sign something which they didn’t. recognize themselves. Use your time to do your best. That’s how we get to Mars.”

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