What Is It & Why Use It?

No need to introduce Amazon, the number 1 e-commerce site in the world. When we talk about Amazon, we first think of this huge marketplace that sells almost all possible and imaginable products to individuals. Good news: Amazon is not limited to individuals. Indeed, since 2018, the American giant has launched Amazon Business, its B2B offer, in France. What is it really about? Why is it interesting for sellers and buyers? How to create an account? Is it paying? Is there a Prime subscription? All the answers to your questions about Amazon Business can be found in this article.

What is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business is simply the Amazon’s sales platform for professionals. The goal for Amazon was therefore to capitalize on all its experience of online sales and put it to the benefit of professionals.

What is the difference between Amazon and Amazon Business?

The major difference is obviously the audience: Amazon sells to individuals while Amazon Business sells to professionals. But it is not the only one. Indeed, as on many platforms that sell to professionals, you can take advantage of discounts when buying in quantitywhich is of course not possible as an individual.

Amazon Business adapts to all industries

Sellers will also be able show prices excluding VAT, since we are on B2B. We will also find a quote system on Amazon Business, for special requests. You will also be able to take advantage of a dashboard designed for professionals in order to find your way around your sales or your accounting.

Why use Amazon Business? The 7 Benefits of Amazon’s B2B Platform for Your Business

The advantages for professionals who sell

  • Professional Audience on Amazon: You can take advantage of Amazon’s reputation and immense visibility, while selling to professionals.
  • Possible to sell services
  • Automatic VAT invoicing
  • Professional sales tracking interface
The Benefits of Amazon Business for Sellers
The Benefits of Amazon Business for Sellers

The advantages for professionals who buy

  • Discounts on quantity purchases
  • Prime shipping still available (just like free shipping)
  • Push purchase management tools
The benefits of Amazon Business for buyers
The benefits of Amazon Business for buyers

A few questions about Amazon Business

How do I access and create an Amazon Business account?

If you do not sell at all on Amazon (individual or professional), you will have to register. All you have to do is go to their site and create an account. This operation is free of charge and can therefore allow you to enjoy the products as a professional or sell to professionals.

In contrast, if you already sell on Amazon, for individuals in particular, you will not need to create an Amazon Business account. Indeed, this service is already accessible from your classic Amazon Seller account. If you then want to sell, go further down in the article to find out how.

Does Amazon Business pay?

If you are already present on Amazon to sell to individuals, we can say that switching to Amazon Business is not necessarily paying. In fact, the operation is similar whether you sell to individuals or professionals: it gives you a Seller account. Obtaining this account is not free. The price is 39 € per month and it allows you to sell on Amazon and Amazon Business.

Then you will also need submit to the various fees that Amazon imposes to its vendors. As for the sale to individuals, the costs will be higher if you sell in FBA (shipped by Amazon) since you will entrust them with the logistics of your products. others additional charges may add if you want to take advantage of Amazon’s advertising space, for example.

Finally, if we turn instead to buyers, registration for Amazon Business is free. However, they will also be able to take advantage of a Prime account, different from that enjoyed by individuals.

What is Amazon Business Prime? And what are its prices?

As on the “classic” version of Amazon, Amazon Business has a Prime subscription which offers various advantages, in exchange for a regular payment.

We find all the same points in common with the classic Prime such as the delivery within 1 working day for example. Beyond fast delivery, you will even be able to plan this one. On Business Premiumyou can enjoy theAmazon Spend Visibility to study your expenses and improve your budgetary decision-making process. In the same style, you can use theAmazon Guided Buying, to define purchase restrictions on certain categories for example. Finally, subscribers with the Amazon Business American Express card can choose to get 1% of the amount of their order or pay 90 days after the order is shipped.

Amazon Business Prime Pricing
Amazon Business Prime Pricing

There are several levels of Prime Business, there are even 5 to be exact:

  • Duo (available with classic Prime otherwise €25 per year excl. VAT): limited to 1 user and without Amazon Spend Visibility and Amazon Guided Buying.
  • Basic (€50 per year excl. VAT): 3 users
  • Small (€150 per year excl. VAT): 10 users
  • Medium (€350 per year excl. VAT): 100 users
  • Unlimited (3000 € per year excluding VAT): more than 100 users

How to sell on Amazon Business? The process to follow

The process to follow to sell on Amazon Business is quite similar to what you can see on “classic” Amazon. Here are the few steps to follow to start selling on the platform:

  1. Create a Seller Account from their site. If you already sell to individuals on Amazon, you will already have access to Amazon Business from your interface. However, if you are new, you will have to subscribe to a classic Seller subscription (39 € HT per month), as we explained earlier.
  2. If you do not already have a business account on Amazon, you will need enter the classic account creation information (name, email, etc…). Amazon will also subject you to the passing a verification form to authenticate you and your business. To validate the registration, you will then have to wait for Amazon to validate this information.
  3. Now that your account is created, you need to go to your Seller Central to start selling. The first thing to do is toimport your products into Amazon.
  4. Before making any sale, you must also register for Amazon’s VAT calculation service. So, the platform takes care of all that on the invoices.
  5. It will then be necessary configure your products. Of course, we will have to define a correct price and quantity discounts for professionals. The product sheets will also have to be optimizedwith functional descriptions of qualities and improved content (known as “A+”) to help your potential customers make the right choice (comparison, advanced technical sheet, user guide, etc.).
  6. You will then only have to ship your orders to your customers. If you don’t want to bother with all the logistical aspects, it is possible to register for the FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) program. This means that you will just send your products to Amazon, which will then take care of the logistics of these.

Amazon Business therefore represents potential for companies that want to expand their customer base on Amazon or, conversely, that seek to supply themselves in quantity with discounts. All you have to do is get started. To go further, do not hesitate to consult our complete guide to selling on Amazon.

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