what is the “Canadian model” which would inspire the reform?

The government is expected at the turn. To avoid seeing the unions in the street, the executive is playing the consultation card. The organizations were received this Monday, September 12 at the Ministry of Labor to discuss the reform of unemployment insurance.

The state would like to have a Canadian-style model, that is to say compensation conditions for unemployed workers who move according to the economic situation. Concretely, if the job market is clogged, the rules are relaxed. If like today, there are shortages, then we harden them.

Right out of the meeting, the unions shouted at the stigmatization of the unemployed. “It’s not a problem of motivation that keeps them away from employment”, explains Michel Beaugas, confederal secretary of Force Ouvrière. “You have problems with mobility, housing, childcare, schooling for children. You have to look at things, not through the small end of the telescope, but you have to look at the big picture and deal with all the subjects so that all people who are far from employment can return to it quickly”.

The terms of the reform have not yet been fully determined. Three options are on the table : reduce the amount of compensation, reduce its duration or extend the working time that must be accumulated in order to receive unemployment.

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