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When a Gafam drives an advanced German car, Company news

The German automaker will use the cloud from the software giant and inventor of the Windows operating system to optimize the data platform that will connect its 30 factories. This should translate into productivity gains of 20% in Mercedes-Benz passenger car manufacturing by 2025.

When a Gafam drives an advanced German car

When a Gafam drives a high-end German car | Image credits: Mercedes-Benz

Microsoft can count on a new first-choice reference, Mercedes-Benz. The German manufacturer will use cloud technology from American Gafam for its MO360 data platform, which will connect its approximately 30 passenger car production facilities around the world. The goal is to improve transparency and predictability in the industry group’s digital production and supply chain. Some concrete examples: enabling teams to more quickly identify potential bottlenecks in the supply process and dynamic prioritization of production resources (components and semiconductors) towards electric and high-end vehicles.

Carbon neutrality in 2039

The MO360 data platform, based on Microsoft’s Azure technology, is already available in EMEA (Europe-Middle East-Africa) and will now be deployed in the US and China. This should result in 20% productivity gains in passenger car production by 2025 and help avoid unplanned downtime and plan maintenance work in a timely and CO2-friendly way. Mercedes-Benz aims to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2039. The automaker also plans to meet more than 70% of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2030 by developing solar energy and wind turbines at its own sites and through power purchase agreements.

shy tenor

Amazon, Google and Microsoft take the lion’s share of cloud services. On a European scale, three out of four customers use one of these tenors in cloud computing. Thus, according to a study carried out by the Synergy Research Group, disclosed by the SiecleDigital website, these three platforms would be the source of 72% of the expenses of European companies wishing to acquire and operate such a service. Market whose size has, by the way, multiplied by five between 2017 and 2022 (10.4 billion euros in revenue in the second quarter). IBM, Salesforce and Oracle are trying to follow Gafam, while the two Germans Deutsche Telekom and SAP each want 2% of the European market.



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