Where can I buy health insurance for dogs or cats?

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Close to 700 euros! This is the sum that the owner of Elton (a beagle) has just spent on treat stomach pain following the swallowing of a sock. For her part, the mistress of Socrates received a much saltier note: 1,475 euros to find the origin and treat vomiting of his dachshund. “The vacation budget has gone there,” she says. “But the main thing is that he gets better.”

If, like the owners of Elton and Socrates, you are increasingly thinking about subscribing insurance to cover health costs of your four-legged friend, here’s what you need to know.


three companies share most of the market: AssurO’Poil, SantéVet and Corona Direct (but the latter only covers dogs). They usually offer three formulas different for compensate for unforeseen costs (veterinarian and treatment) due to illness or accident.

At SantéVet, the basic formula offers a 50% coverage of these costs, subject to an annual ceiling of 1,100 euros. The intermediate formula covers 70% of the costs, with a ceiling of 1,500 euros, while the formula premium intervenes for 90% of costs with a limit of 2,200 euros.

Chronic diseases will be reimbursed annually with SantéVet, while Corona Direct will only intervene at the first diagnosis.

At the house of Corona Directregardless of the formula,intervention is 80% with higher ceilings: 1,500, 2,500 and 3,500 euros. But, unlike SantéVet and AssurO’Poil which apply ceilings on an annual basis, those of Corona Direct are linked to a claim.

“It is important to note that chronic diseases will be reimbursed annually with SantéVet, while Corona will only intervene at the first diagnosis”, according to the experts of Assurances.be.

In addition, Corona Direct also provides compensation for other scenarios: 400 or 750 euros (depending on the formula) in the event of death from illness or accidentin case of theft or lossfor the notice of disappearancefor the care expenses in the event of hospitalization of the master (this guarantee is also provided by AssurO’Poil, editor’s note) and until 750 or 2,000 euros to cover trip cancellation costs. In this regard, unlike the competition, Corona Direct does not cover your pet abroad.

For its part, SantéVet offers in its formulas coverage of so-called “prevention” costs (pesticides, sterilization, etc.) up to 80 euros/year. This package can be used immediately. Same story with AssurO’Poil, which provides coverage for vaccination costs (up to 60 euros) or sterilization (up to 100 euros).

Points of attention

Before subscribing to any formula, take the trouble to check the waiting periods (i.e. a waiting period of several tens of days before being able to benefit from any coverage), as well as the exclusions of the contract. Excluded are, for example, costs related to any constitutional abnormality of your animal, as well as those of diseases that could have been avoided with preventive vaccines.

Note that all these insurers also apply a franchise in the form of a flat rate or a percentage, and that itit can cost youAccording to the case, between 20 and 500 euros. So you have every interest to take the time to compare the different offers.


Difficult to give a unique price since each insurer offers several formulasbut also because different parameters can vary the price of the premium (type of animal, breed, age, gender, etc.).


annual bonus

This is the rate for basic coverage. But according to various parameters and depending on the insurer, this amount can rise to 200 euros.

With a big ladle, the annual premium for basic insurance varies between 120 and 200 euroswhile that of insurance premium varies between 300 and 700 euros.


“If you wish to take out this kind of insurance, be pay attention to the terms of your contract“, summarizes Test Achats. “Not to mention that your family insurance (RC) covers damage caused to third parties by your pets.

Where can I find other covers?

AG Insurance has integrated pets into its Top Crashes. It allows you to benefit from a reimbursement for veterinary expenses following an accident (up to 1,000 euro/year). In another genre, insurance Yuzzu’s house covers animals against electrocution. In some special cases, a intervention (max. 65 euros) is provided for their custody. Via his bicycle insuranceYuzzu takes the veterinary expenses covered without deductible in the event of an accident. At the house of CBC/KBCthere is a option Insurance for your dog” (42 euros/year) to be subscribed under the RC Family. It compensates you if your companion is victim of a traffic accident (up to 2,000 euros) or if he dies (up to 500 euros for cremation). If you are hospitalized, the living expenses are covered by a pension up to a maximum of 500 euros. Finally, if your dog bites, bodily injury will be compensated, regardless of whether the victim is part of your household or not.

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