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Where to download Microsoft Office 2021 for less than €14 legally?

Did you just receive a new PC to make a top school year a success? It’s perfect, but now you’ll need to equip it with all the essential software you might need: office suite, PDF editor, backup tools, maintenance tools, etc. Thanks to GoDeal24, you can enjoy all this software at unbeatable prices.

We explain here how to download and activate a license MicrosoftMicrosoft.

How do you download and activate Microsoft Office?

To get your Microsoft Office license at a low price, the procedure is simple. GoDeal24 works like any other merchant site. All you have to do is browse the site and add the products you are interested in to your shopping cart. When making the payment, be careful to fill in your email address, because that’s where you’ll receive your activation key.

Once the payment has been approved, you will receive the famous email at the address provided. However, you need to download the software that interests you in advance. When you try to launch the software, you will see that a key digitaldigital you will be asked: it is this key which is in the email from GoDeal24 and which allows you to activate your software.

This digital key only needs to be entered the first time you use the software. Once this is done, you never need to enter it again, as it is a perpetual license: it is not limited in time. However, we advise you to keep this email in a safe place or to print it. In fact, if you change computers and want to transfer your license, you will have to enter this digital key again.

Please note that to use the license on another computer, you must first deactivate it on your old computer, otherwise the key will not be recognized as valid on the new device.

How to get Microsoft Office licenses for less than €14?

The licenses you buy on GoDeal24 are so-called OEM licenses, that is, used licenses that have been resold to the GoDeal24 platform by users who no longer needed them. These licenses are used in name only, as all features are present and no restrictions will interfere with your use. In addition, these are perpetual licenses, so you buy “for life”. No subscription etc durationduration limited in use.

Thousands of users, individuals and professionals, trust GoDeal24 for the purchase of software licenses because they are sure to find a professional service, technical assistance present and competent to solve any problem, experienced advisors who will be able to recommend the licenses adapted to your needs, and you will have after-sales service for life.

Article written in collaboration with GoDeal24




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