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While Britain is weighed down by Brexit, the city is resisting – Liberation


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If a survey placed Paris ahead of London as the number one European stock market, it is not in the British business district that the consequences of Brexit are felt most.

Not so long ago, British politicians still fantasized that their capital would become “Singapore-on-Thames”: a post-Brexit financial center free of European regulations, with low tax rates, which would attract companies and traders worldwide. Alas: Liz Truss’ brief adventure in Downing Street buried the project for good. Market confidence has been permanently damaged by his ultra-liberal project, and a study by Bloomberg now places Paris ahead of London as the leading European stock market, with a gap of $2 billion in market capitalization (the total listed value of his actions).

Between City and Bank stations, at 10 Place Paternoster, the London Stock Exchange doesn’t seem to care. The English Stock Exchange settled in 2004 on this ultra-modern esplanade, a former publisher’s street that was reduced to ashes by German bombs during the blitz. Temple Bar, the last of the eight stone arches that once guarded the City of London, serves as the gateway to the square where bankers in




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