who are the tories?

Tory leader Liz Truss resigned as Prime Minister on Thursday.

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Since Liz Truss resigned as British Prime Minister, the Tory party has been at the center of all attention. But what are the Tories?
The Tories actually appoint the members of the Conservative Party. The term Tory – etymologically a Scottish “robber” – dates from the 17th century, when it referred to supporters of the king and the Church of England. Close to the Stuart dynasty, traditionalists, they were opposed to the Whigs, the party of the liberal and reforming aristocracy that advocated a strong parliament.

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In the 19th century, Whigs and Tories organized themselves into political parties. The Whigs became the Liberal Party in 1830. The Tories founded the Conservative Party in 1834. The political scene is built on a strong bipartisanship, and the Labor Party takes the place of the Liberal Party after its marginalization, and it is he who then opposes the Conservative Party. The Tories have led the UK since 2010 with David Cameron, then Theresa May, Boris Johnson and finally Liz Truss as head of government.

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Economically liberal, they favor limited public spending, reduced taxation and are free traders. Staunch Atlanticists, they were divided, like Labour, on the issue of Brexit

The resignation of Liz Truss, particularly unpopular as Prime Minister, plunges the party into a historic crisis. A maximum of three candidates will next week be able to compete to replace her at the head of the Tories and thus become the next head of government.

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