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Who is Rishi Sunak, the new Prime Minister?

Rishi Sunak is the next British Prime Minister. The former Chancellor of the Exchequer won the race for Downing Street on Monday, where he succeeds the short-lived Liz Truss. The heavy favorite, Rishi Sunak, won after the resignation of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his opponent Penny Mordaunt’s failure to qualify, following a lightning campaign launched in the Conservative Party by Liz Truss, victim after 44 days in office of the economic storm caused by her plans for unfunded tax breaks.

At 42, this extremely wealthy ex-banker with a career path typical of the British elite therefore becomes the youngest head of government, but also the first of Indian origin, his grandparents having lived in Punjab, a region in northern India, before that country’s independence – in 1947 -. “It’s obviously a great moment” for ethnic diversity issues in Britain, noted political scientist Anand Menon on the BBC. “What reassures me the most is actually the few comments that have been made on this subject. In a way, it’s something we’ve normalized. ยป

Serve with “Integrity and Humility”

“We need stability and unity and bringing the party and the country together will be my top priority,” Rishi Sunak said in a brief speech after his victory. It is the greatest privilege of my life to serve the party I love and to give back to the country to which I owe so much. In a closed-door meeting on the heels of his success, the lanky, always impeccably suited ex-finance minister urged the Tories to “unite” or “die” two years after the next general election, attendees of that meeting reported.

The Conservatives, who have a majority in the House of Commons, who pledged to serve his country with “integrity and humility” will be instructed by King Charles III on Tuesday to form a new government. It will be a first for the new sovereign, who took the throne on September 8 with the death of his mother Elizabeth II.

Unlucky candidate this summer against Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak will be the fifth prime minister since the Brexit vote in 2016, which opened a long chapter of unprecedented economic and political turbulence in Britain. He is the third leader of the party in two months, a period of unprecedented instability, at the head of a majority crossed by heartache after twelve years in power.

Reassuring for the markets

The Quadra, the guardian of budgetary orthodoxy, seduced a large part of its camp and will come to power in the midst of an economic and social crisis, with inflation of more than 10% and strikes increasing. The one that had crushed Liz Truss’s economic plan this summer appears to be a reassuring figure for UK markets. “I want to fix our economy, unite our party and act for our country,” he said when announcing his candidacy on Twitter on Sunday. He wanted to stand out from Boris Johnson, pledging “integrity, professionalism and responsibility”.

If Rishi Sunak likes to emphasize his childhood as the son of a doctor and pharmacist in Southampton, a port in the south of England, he attended a prestigious private school for boys, then Oxford. He completed his studies at California’s Stanford University, where he met his wife Akshata Murty, the daughter of an Indian multi-billionaire, and then worked for the Goldman Sachs bank and investment funds.

Unmatched in the “Star Wars” saga

Hindu, this father of two daughters was elected MP in 2015, jumped into an easy constituency in Yorkshire (northern England) and was immediately seen as a potential Prime Minister. Barely five years later, at the age of 39, he took up the coveted position of finance minister just before the start of the pandemic and achieved fame by handing out massive aid to the economy.

Invincible on the saga Star warss, this ever amiable minister – smooth to some – sees the tide turn in the spring due to his wife’s tax schemes. As prices rise, his lifestyle, with his expensive suits and his attributes, makes him seem detached from a population struggling with a severe cost-of-living crisis.

“The Tories crowned Rishi Sunak prime minister without him saying a single word about how he would run the country and without anyone having the slightest chance to vote,” said Labor number two Angela Rayner. And to continue: In the Ministry of Finance, Rishi Sunak is the one who “failed” to grow the economy and curb inflation



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