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Why life insurance is still a good investment

Life insurance is a good long-term investment. Adobe Stock

Life insurance remains a good investment tool. You can combine different products in the same envelope, while benefiting from advantageous taxation. The capitalization contract also deserves your attention. Explanations.

From a long-term investment perspective, opening a life insurance policy is a solution to consider. If you want to save up to help, for example, a child or grandchild, life insurance is a good investment tool. This support will allow you, thanks to regular payments, to gradually build up capital that you can use when the time comes to finance your children’s studies or help them acquire their first home, e.g. If necessary, all you have to do is withdraw all or part of the accumulated savings on your contract.

An envelope for different products

Unlike an equity savings plan (PEA), life insurance does not have a payment cap and offers a very wide financial opening. Within the same support, the whole range of investments is available and not just shares, as in a PEA.

Next to the traditional Euro funds, essential but with increasingly starved returns, most contracts offer…

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