Why owning a “dash cam” can save you from insurance scams

Encouraged by car insurers, this practice allows you to prove your good faith in this type of situation.

In some countries, the use of “dash cams” ​​in cars is common practice. These cameras filming everything that happens around the car, recording permanently, make it possible to understand exactly the causes of an accident. They thus contribute to simplifying the establishment of responsibilities in the context of a dispute between several motorists on the road.

Having a “dash cam” in your car is thus a way of protecting yourself against fraudulent practices, as in the video below, precisely filmed by a “dash cam” in a car. We see a small gray car whose rear bumper is badly damaged. Its driver behaves in a strange way and systematically brakes in front of other cars.

Attempted fraud

His goal is probably to cause an accident, then to turn against the insurance of another vehicle by accusing him of having caused the damage to the rear part of his car. But if this maneuver had succeeded, the presence of the “dash cam” would have made it possible here to see its untimely braking.

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