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Will Charles III be the king of the ecological transition?

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07:23, 25 September 2022

Renewable energy and the environment is a very important subject in the eyes of the new British king. So much so that Charles III’s old Aston Martin runs on bioethanol made from wine and whey. Beyond this anecdote, can the new monarch’s beliefs really affect the United Kingdom?

One of the themes that the now king has never dried up is ecology. The prince was 21, his hair neatly brushed, when he made his first speech on the subject. But behind the tirades, is the new King of England really green? And above all, can his convictions on the environment have a positive impact on the UK?

“The monarchy is supposed to be politically neutral”

Elizabeth II’s son defends organic, only eats meat on certain days, publishes his own annual carbon footprint. But from there to imagine that the sovereign will influence the orientations of the kingdom to accelerate the ecological transition, Simon, engaged in politics and ardent defender of the environment, does not think much of it. “Personally, I don’t think Charles III will be able to make an effective environmental contribution as King of England. He has long been an advocate of environmental issues, but the monarchy in Great Britain is supposed to be politically neutral. So he will certainly have difficulty to warn about climate issues”, he explains.

“Charles is the figurehead of an antiquated institution”

A young environmental activist, Mary does not see Charles III as a modern king capable of questioning the system which, she says, “has harmed nature so much”. “I don’t really believe in Charles from an environmental point of view. To me, Charles is the figurehead of an antiquated institution rooted in colonialism that does far more harm by existing than good.”

Charles III, the king who talks to plants, begins his reign with a government that does not rule out resorting to the highly polluting extraction of gas and oil from shale.



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