Windows 11 and the Start menu show Microsoft recommended websites

Windows 11 introduced significant changes to the user interface. The goal is to offer a “modern” experience.

One of the highlights is the centering of icons on the taskbar and a completely redesigned start menu. Live tiles are gone, while the approach is Windows 10X, a discontinued operating system. Since the official launch of Windows 11, Microsoft has continued this work with the arrival of new features. Unfortunately, their nature is not always unanimous. This is what happens around the latest idea proposed by Microsoft.

Windows 11, no more ads in start menu?

The latest Windows 11 Preview comes with a big change. Recommended websites appear in the Start menu.

Windows and Start Menu – Recommended websites are displayed

In other words, when you click the Start menu, Windows 11 displays websites in the Recommended items section. Is it advertising? According to Microsoft no. The purpose would be to facilitate and speed up access to websites that the user would frequently visit. Microsoft quickly realized that its idea is not “everyone’s cup of tea”. Is it a lack of trust? Probably because the giant’s explanations suggest advertising for websites

We will recommend popular websites to you per depending on your region Where your browsing history to help you easily return to the websites that interest you.

However, the giant is considering options that will determine how the recommendations will be offered. For example, it will be possible to block the display of certain websites with a single click. A more advanced setting in Settings allows you to disable the recommendations entirely.

adds Redmond

We’ve been working on adding more valuable content to the Recommended section of the home screen, and we’re excited to introduce a new type of content: websites. In the first phase, we’ll recommend common sites based on your region or browsing history to help you easily return to the sites you care about. This can be controlled by right-clicking on a site and choosing to remove that site individually or completely stop showing all recommended sites. Only select insiders will see this experience, and if you do, please share your feedback.

Currently, this new feature only affects a limited number of users of the Windows Insider program. We do not have a timeline for a “general public” rollout. Note that Microsoft in its explanation talks about a “first phase” that suggests other phases with other recommended sites.

This file must be followed closely because if Microsoft decides to offer sites other than the ones being visited, controversy is inevitable. Windows 11 will step up a gear when it comes to serving ads.

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