Windows 11, everything is green according to Microsoft

On the occasion of the publication of its results, Microsoft praised Windows 11. The big boss of the group, Satya Nadella tried to reassure while explaining that the operating system continues to increase its share of market.

Satya Nadella revealed that despite changing trends in the PC market, total sales remain above pre-pandemic levels. Thanks to Windows Microsoft benefits from this dynamism through the sales of new computers.

Despite the evolution of the PC market during the quarter, we continue to see more PCs shipped than before the pandemic, and we are taking share. We’re seeing higher monthly usage of Windows 11 apps, with more time spent on creative work, collaboration, gaming, media, and writing code. People rely on the PC for its unique productivity capabilities, rich interactive experiences, and to stay connected.

We are learning that adoption of Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 is improving especially against the same time last year.

We are transforming the way Windows is experienced and managed with Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365. Monthly active usage of Azure Virtual Desktop has increased by nearly 60% year over year. A year later, we’ve seen strong adoption of Windows 365 by organizations across all industries.

Finally, the Microsoft Edge browser continues to find followers and its market share is growing over the months. Based on Chromium, it is now available on different platforms ranging from macOS to Linux via iOS and Android without forgetting of course Windows.

Satya Nadella clarified

We are focused on increasing our share and engagement on Edge, Bing, and our Microsoft Start custom content feed. Daily content consumption in Start, across categories such as news, weather, finance and sports, has increased 80% since the service launched a year ago. And Edge continues to gain market share as consumers use it to save money with our built-in coupon and price comparison features.

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