Windows 11 integrates Spotlight into the personalization options and indicates the remaining space on OneDrive

Microsoft just released a new cumulative update for Windows 11 that merges Windows Spotlight with the OS customization options and now lets you know how much storage space is left in your OneDrive account.

A new optional update has just been pushed to Windows 11 22H2 users. Microsoft has integrated several new features that until now were only available to members of their Insider program. This cumulative update, identified under the reference KB5020044, introduces, among other things, new information related to OneDrive in the settings window and improves Windows Spotlight, the dynamic wallpaper system.

The remaining space in OneDrive is visible in Settings

Whether you subscribe to Microsoft 365 or use OneDrive with the offer single, you can now more easily see how much space is left in your storage. In fact, with this cumulative update, Windows 11 is now able to indicate the available space in your OneDrive account. The information is now displayed directly in Windows 11 settings in the Account section. A way for Microsoft to prepare Microsoft 365 subscribers for the future, as from February 2023 Outlook attachments will be pulled from OneDrive storage.

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Windows Spotlight merged with customization settings

Last May, Microsoft began implementing Windows Spotlight (aka “A la une”) into its operating system. This feature, which allows you to configure a wallpaper that changes automatically and dynamically, was until now configurable from a dedicated menu in the Personalization settings in Windows 11. From now on, it will be available directly with Themes in the Personalization settings.

Windows Spotlight

Update KB5020044 is already available for download. You can apply it by going to Windows 11 settings in the Windows Update section. One click of the button search for updates allows you to check its availability, download it and start the installation. You can also download and install it manually by going directly to this link.



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