Windows 11, Microsoft is testing advertising in the start menu!

The idea of ​​Microsoft using Windows to serve ads has never been unanimously accepted. If the giant mentions endorsements, they are actually marketing messages highlighting the advantages and benefits of services. Often we promote software like Edge or services.

This advertising concept is difficult to accept, especially if the operating system is paid. Although Microsoft cleverly evokes the idea of ​​selling only an operating right, Windows is above all an operating system. Its role is to offer a dialogue interface with the machine and not in an environment designed to shower the user with targeted advertising in relation to his activities. This also raises the question of the confidentiality of data and uses.

Windows 11, ads in the start menu

Until a big debate breaks out and the legislature decides to bring order to all this, Microsoft is not bothered by the controversy. Why ? Tests are performed around a new approach. On Twitter a snapshot shows the appearance of advertisements in one of the essential elements of the Windows interface, the start menu. It appears when you click the Start menu to access the user session controls. A OneDrive ad appears. She launches “Back Up Your Files,” which asks users to access OneDrive to move important data to Microsoft’s servers. This option is offered along with important Windows controls, such as locking the device, signing out, and changing account settings.

Microsoft has not made any announcement about this. All indications are that it is only a test. It only concerns a limited number of users. If nothing allows to confirm that we will even come up with this new behavior in Windows, Microsoft has a lot of trouble to give up the idea of ​​advertising. It is easy to understand that the market is gigantic, knowing that hundreds of millions of computers run on this OS.

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