Windows 8.1 PC, Microsoft rolls out an EOL warning

Windows 8.1 will be discontinued soon. Microsoft is starting to prepare the ground. An alarm is triggered on the PCs in question. It says Windows 8.1 is ending.

It obviously avoids upgrading the computer as soon as possible. The goal is to stay protected. Microsoft explains that upgrading to a newer version of Windows is the only way to stay secure and continue to receive updates.

The company even goes a little further as it recommends buying new devices capable of running Windows 11. The recommendation is not surprising as most computers from the Windows 8.1 era in light of Windows 8.1’s age and controversial claims in Windows 11 are not eligible. In most cases, they can only migrate to Windows 10.

The end of support for Windows 8.1 is scheduled for January 10, 2023. On this date, the giant will end technical support and software updates.

Windows 8.1, no custom maintenance.

Microsoft does not plan to continue its maintenance through paid and personal maintenance. It is clear that Windows 8.1 does not have the same treatment as Windows 7. The reason is simple, the user base is much smaller.

This means that once the date of January 10, 2023 has passed, Windows 8.1 will no longer be part of the Microsoft catalog. and upgrading is actually the only option to continue receiving updates on a Windows device. adds Redmond

Microsoft does not provide an Extended Security Update (ESU) program for Windows 8.1. Continued use of Windows 8.1 after January 10, 2023 may increase an organization’s exposure to security risks or affect its ability to meet compliance obligations.

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