Windows PowerToys will soon be able to measure the pixels of your screen

The utility should soon include a ruler to measure the pixels between two objects displayed on your computer screen.

Microsoft is working on a new tool for its PowerToys. The application which already includes more than a dozen tools bringing new functionalities to Windows is about to welcome Screen Ruler. This screen ruler, whose development is in progress, will make it possible to carry out measurements in pixels of the elements displayed on your screen. A feature that should therefore be very useful for web designers as well as developers.

The tool will make four tools available for this. It will thus be possible to measure a rectangular selection, to display the horizontal and vertical measurements between four borders, or to measure the horizontal or vertical distance between two points. To offer measurements that are as precise as possible, Screen Ruler relies on an automatic detection system for the edges of the elements to be measured, with the possibility of adjusting the edge detection tolerance.

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If the Screen Ruler pointer is displayed in red by default, it will be quite possible to customize its color in the tool’s dedicated parameters, within the general PowerToys window. Additionally, Screen Ruler can be activated using a hotkey, Windows + Shift + Mand can also be used to launch a screenshot at the same time.

Resurrected by Microsoft in 2019, the PowerToys have repeatedly welcomed new tools over the course of updates. This application, a veritable experimental laboratory for Microsoft, inspired the Redmond firm for certain Windows 11 features. which allows templates to automatically place your windows on the screen.

For now, developers working on PowerToys are still actively developing Screen Ruler. We will probably have to wait a few more weeks before seeing this new feature arrive in a stable version within the PowerToys.

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