with the wind in its sails, the Labor Party will renew ties with the EU

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In the UK, the Labor Party is holding its annual congress until Wednesday in Liverpool. The first opposition party enjoys a favorable position in the opinion polls, not seen for years and even surpassing the opinion of the conservatives. The challenge for this Congress is therefore to present itself as a governing party, beyond the opposition. And one of the rose party’s campaign themes: Brexit.

With our special correspondent in Liverpool, Emily Wine

At the entrance to the Liverpool Convention Centre, David chants anti-Brexit slogans. He laments the lack of debate in Labour: “ We must strengthen our ties to the EU and the internal market. We need to have this discussion. But the party will avoid controversy, they will first be elected to the government. »

However, Labor is clear: No return on Brexit, but an improvement in relations between London and Brussels. “ It is high time we regain control of our relationship with Europe! Thousands of companies have stopped trading with Europe over the past three years, our exports have fallen by a third. You cannot be pro-growth if you are not pro-European ”, claims Stella Creasy, MP.

In the interests of reconciliation, David Lammy, the foreign affairs spokesman, wants Liz Truss to take the hand extended by Emmanuel Macron with his idea of ​​a European political community. ” They are our allies! A Labor government would normalize our ties with our closest allies and partners. The tone of the current government is conducive to continued strife. It worries me a lot «, he confides.

The party will now show initiative to regain a place on the international stage.


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