With this special Cookeo lid on flash sale on Amazon, you can easily add crispiness to your dishes

Oil-free fryers are on the rise, and if you’re tempted, but you already have a Cookeo multicooker, you can optimize it with a compatible accessory for sale on Amazon: the Moulinex Cookeo Extra Crisp lid. The latter is compatible with all Cookeo models with a 6-liter tank and allows you to take advantage of additional cooking modes to those already present with your Cookeo. Thanks to the Cookeo Extra Crisp lid, you can benefit from cooking methods using oil-free frying technology, such as frying, grilling, roasting, but also some desserts. Vary your cooking by taking advantage of the Amazon offer on the Moulinex Cookeo Extra Crisp lid, it costs 79 euros instead of 83.90 euros.

Moulinex Cookeo Extra Crisp lid to grab for less than 80 euros on Amazon

Using the Moulinex Cookeo Extra Crisp lid for sale on Amazon is very simple, as you simply place it on top of your Cookeo multicooker. The multicooker and the extra crispy lid work independently of each other, so you don’t have to operate both at the same time to cook your food. They can also complement each other: You can thus pre-cook your vegetables, for example, before browning them with the Extra Crisp lid to give them a crunch. Thanks to the control panel on the front, you can adjust the cooking temperature from 70 to 200°C and the timer goes up to 60 minutes, with automatic switch-off and a beep to warn you.

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