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Xbox Cloud Gaming: Microsoft’s streaming gaming box is buried

There won’t be a dedicated “console” for Xbox Cloud Gaming, at least not for several years. Phil Spencer, the big boss of Microsoft Gaming, poured out the hopes of all those gamers who don’t want a full Xbox, but would like to try the streaming game on the TV in the living room. The “Keystone” project was buried when it was almost ready, he reveals The edge.

The prototype, built in nine months, looked like an Xbox, with the same interface as on the console ” and everything worked really well “, Spencer describes. He is now hanging out on his desk, the slackers have also been able to flush him out in a photo shared on his Twitter account!


But lo and behold, it was the device more expensive what we wanted because of the equipment it brought. The idea was to market a streaming box between $99 and $129, but add an Xbox controller bundle that Microsoft wanted. The price would then have been too close to the Xbox Series S ($299). Strangely, no consideration was given to selling the device solo without a controller, although it would have been possible to use any controller.

Microsoft preferred to make deals with TV manufacturers, starting with Samsung, to integrate an Xbox Cloud Gaming app. Which is not the worst of solutions, but we will have to wait for this application to become widely available.

All is not lost, maybe Microsoft will return to this project in a while: ” Do we want to make a streaming device? I think we could do it, but not for several years “, confirmed the same Spencer to The Wall Street Journal.




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